March 20, 2017

November 2nd, 2018

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Brand new lyric video 'Flame Of Hate'!!

New Lyric video 'You Own the World'

We are very delighted to present the new lyric video for 'You Own The World', the title track of the latest album!

Novenmber 2, 2016

New triple album 'you own the world' out now!!

Today we mark a very special day! After more then two years of hard work and planning, our new album is finally released! It was an amazing journey in which we had good times with great musicians and personalities!

If you want to order our new triple album, just mail merchandise@gitaron.eu or simply take a look at our merchandise section here. Just place your name and address in your e-mail and you will receive further details afterwards! Again, we thank our guest musicians for all their efforts and last but not least our fans for their endless support and passion! Follow your metalheart Gitaron Knights!


Gio & Mike

September 5, 2016

Release date announced for the upcoming album 'You Own The World'

Dear Gitaron Knights...you have waited a long time for our new album. We are very pleased to say that the wait is almost over! The new triple album 'You Own The World' will be released on October 31th, midnight! Indeed, the night of "Halloween"! Pre-orders are now possible by mailing merchandise@gitaron.eu (place full name + amount of albums in your e-mail). After pre-ordering, you will receive your confirmed e-mail with further details.

June 30, 2016

New lyric video 'Camelot Rising'

Gitaron has released their very first lyric video ever! The song is called 'Camelot Rising' and will appear on the new album 'You Own The World'! It's also the first Gitaron song co-written by Gio & Mike! Enjoy this brand new song Gitaron Knights!

April 24, 2016

Upcoming album 'You Own The World'

As we speak, Gitaron is recording a new album! It will be a triple album called 'You Own The World'. The album will contain new songs and the entire 2009 'Mental Visions' album re-recorded! The third cd will be a multimedia disc with never seen before footage! It will be a very special project, since lots of amazing and surprising guest musicians will join us on this album! Check out the 'making of' videos below!

Making Of, Part 1

Making Of, Part 3

Making Of, Part 5

Making Of, Part 7

Making Of, Part 2

Making Of, Part 4

Making Of, Part 6

Making Of, Part 8

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