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In 2006, guitarist Giovanni "Gio" Smet formed Gitaron. The concept was clear and simple: creating heavy metal in the purest way, with an innovative vision. No nonsense, just pure headbanging heavy metal.

The band worked on several songs and recorded the first album in the summer of 2007 at 'Midas Studios'. The album called 'The First Battle' and had the following songs on it: 'Enter My Church', 'Excalibur', 'We're Knights', 'Blood On The Wall' and 'Flame Of Hate'. The line-up at that time was: Gio (vocals/guitars), Tom Willems (drums), Aaron Onghena (guitars), Wilfried Vandenberghe (bass) and Femke Waterschoot (backing vocals).

Gitaron had some changes in the line-up, as Aaron Onghena, Tom Willems and Femke Waterschoot left the band. Replacements were found in David Van Gompel (guitars) and Steven Van Dijck (drums). Gio also decided to concentrate on the guitar parts only and Nico De Clerq became the new vocalist.

In 2009, Gitaron recorded another album called 'Mental Visions', again at 'Midas Studios'. The album got great reviews and the band played a promo tour for the new album. Gitaron played shows together with bands such as Mystic Prophecy, Blaze Bayley, Killer, Mother Of Sin, Fireforce,... Shortly after the promo tour, vocalist Nico De Clerq left the band and was replaced by Kevin Andries.

In 2012, three members decided to leave the band. Both drummer Steven Van Dijck and vocalist Kevin Andries moved to Denmark. With both them leaving, guitar player David Van Gompel also made the decision of leaving the band.

After a sabbath year, the band was born again. Guitarist Aaron Onghena re-joined and another guitarist was found in Philip Pedraza, as Gio became vocalist only. On drums was Jef Boons shortly, as he was replaced by Michael Bauwens. Wilfried Vandenberghe was again the bassplayer for the band. With this formation, Gitaron started to play new shows.

At the end of 2014, Gio had the idea of recording a new album along with several national and international guest musicians. Lots of musicians agreed to be a part on it and a special project was born. Sadly, some band members didn't want to be a part of it and only Gio and drummer Michael Bauwens worked on the project. The duo build a home studio and lots of guest musicians came and did their part for the new album, that was given the title 'You Own The World'. The album was released on October 30th, 2016.

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